The best play dough and play sand for our planet!

When I went on a mission to create all natural, clean play products for all children, I coincidentally made products that are also better for our planet. Why are Oat What Fun products better for our planet? Here’s 3 reasons why:

1. Organic oats. 

 Our play dough and play sand is made with organic oats. Organic oats are better for our planet because organic farming eliminates harmful chemicals contributing to better soil quality and sustainable farming. All of this protects the earth, wildlife, and human health. 

2. All of our products are compostable. 

Our play dough and play sand is made of completely natural ingredients (including plant based colors). Both products break down into organic material making them compostable. If you do not compost, no worries! Our products are fully biodegradable. If you toss our play dough or play sand in your trash they are not sitting in landfills compared to other play products. Our products decompose within a few weeks. 

3. Our packaging is recyclable.

All of our packaging is fully recyclable. This includes our play dough jars, play sand bags, and packaging we use for shipping. 

When you choose to purchase Oat What Fun products are are inspiring creativity in children and saving our planet! 

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