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where are the ingredients listed?

Oat What Fun product pages and product labels contain the ingredient lists.

can I use my product outside?

Yes, you can definitely use our products outside, but since they are made from oats and other natural ingredients the longevity of the products is reduced when exposed to outdoor elements. We recommend you keep the sand in an enclosed container.

how long do the products last?

We recommend replacing our products after 3 months.

what ages can play with oat what fun products?

Since our products are taste safe, they are for people of all ages. Once children can scoop, dig, and play, they are ready for our products!

what if my child accidentally eats your product?

We know kids sometimes explore the world with their mouths and that's why we've formulated our products to be all natural and taste safe. Taste safe does not mean it is intended to be consumed, but it is perfectly safe if Oat What Fun products accidentally end up in children's mouths.

are your products compostable?

Yes! Oat What Fun sand is compostable. Our packaging is not, but it is recyclable.

what do I do if something is wrong with my order?

Please contact us via email or Instagram and we will be happy to help. 

Refund Policy

Please email catherine@oatwhafun.com to discuss a refund.

Wholesale Policy

We love to provide safe, natural play sand to all children. If you are a school, small business, or retail email catherine@oatwhatfun.com for wholesale pricing.

Shipping policy

We charge $6 for shipping and offer free shipping for orders over $75. For large wholesale orders, shipping prices may vary.

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