I am Catherine Landis, the founder of Oat What Fun. I have a M.S. degree in Education, taught middle school reading, and was a preschool educator and director. I am a mom of three children and through all of my personal experiences, I have become a natural living expert who is passionate about helping families create healthier homes. 

Oat What Fun was created for my son, William, who went on an extensive medical journey from ages 2-4. He was ultimately diagnosed with Crohn’s and put on multiple immune suppressing medications, but I begged his doctors for an alternative treatment plan. His doctors told me I could explore natural living and change our lifestyle. There were no guarantees, but I saw a beacon of hope and decided we had nothing to lose. 

I spent countless hours researching all natural living and tackling every aspect of our lifestyle by swapping out personal products, cleaning products, plastics, and foods for natural alternatives. Through this process, I could not find play products that met our all natural living standards. I know as an educator how important play is. I spent the next five years developing safe play products. Oat What Fun was born. William’s Crohn’s is in remission, and my entire family lives in a happier, healthier home.

Now I am on a mission to spread the joy of safer, natural play products to all children. Let’s create healthier homes together!

From my family to yours,